Hi, I'm Victor!

Freelance software engineer.

Embedded & industrial software / Machine & deep learning / Computer vision




24 years old, I got my diploma from GRENOBLE INP - ESISAR in embedded systems in august 2019. After a first engineer job at Arjo Solutions, I am now a freelancer.

I’m passionate about technology in general, but machine/deep learning and computer vision is something I particularly enjoy.

I also love sports. I switch between weightlifting, running and cycling. To work on my creative mind, I love to do 3D modelling and game development.

For more details about my education and my past experiences, take a look at my resume.

To follow my diferent projects:


  • 2014: Baccalauréat diploma, Economics & social, maths specialization at Vaugelas, Chambéry
  • Avril - Juillet 2016: Internship in Malta
  • 2016: DUT GEII diploma at the Annecy’s IUT
  • Septembre 2018 - Février 2019: Semester in Artifical Intelligence at UPB Bucarest, Romania
  • 2019: Engineering degree in Electronics and Embedded Software at Grenoble INP ESISAR, Valence
  • Septembre 2019 - Mai 2020: First job as an Software Engineer at Arjo Solutions, Bourget du Lac
  • Mai 2020: Creation of my entrepeneur status, freelance, here I come!


  • C/C++
  • Python
  • Qt
  • OpenCV, Keras, Tensorflow
  • Embedded, microcontrolers
  • Linux

Find my resume here.



“I was impressed by the level of commitment, competence and professionalism Victor showed during the internship with ESI. I would highly recommend him and wish him success in his future endeavors.." - Claudio Vella - Lead developper, ESI Malta


For a profesional contact, please email me, pm me on linkedin or call me at 0786827340. I am avaible for freelance contracts in software development. I mostly work on software, embedded or industrial, but also machine/deep learning and computer vision.

For any other contact, you can dm me on twitter. I’m available for any questions regarding my work, or for a collaboration in AI, software, or game development.

My current local time is .