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Victor Meunier

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Who am I ?

22 years old, I'm currently in last year of engineering cycle at GRENOBLE INP - ESISAR in embedded systems and in ERASMUS exchange in Artificial Intelligence master at UPB Romania.

After obtaining my baccalaureat Economics and Social - specialized in maths, I've decided to reorientate. I started to like technologie and computing... During my two year studies in DUT GEII - Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing - I've also discovered electronic and quickly developped a passion for embedded systems.

Following that, I joined Grenoble INP Esisar to do an engineering degree in eletronics and embedded computing. From september 2018 to february 2019, I went to UPB Romania for an ERASMUS semester in an Artificial Intelligence master degree. From there, I strongly developped a passion for machine learning and computer vision.

Artificial intelligence is an amazing field in which I count on progressing even more. I will for sure try to make use of it jointly with embedded computing and robotics.

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Work experience

Project manager - MGI Digital (July to mid-September 2018)

After the industrial project made for MGI, I continued to work for them as a remote summer job. My goal was to developp an app running on a Raspberry Pi with a touchscreen. It had be able to finish the processing necessary to decode the tag from what data whas sent by the FPGA. It also had to take pictures from a USB camera and display or sends them to a server. The app gives the client the possibility to change various configuration, especially the FPGA's one. Finally, the decoded tag had to be sent to a server using TCP communication.
Signal processing / C++, Qt, Cross compilation, embedded Linux

Developper - Industrial Projects at Grenoble INP ESIAR (January to July 2018)

During the second semester of the fourth year at my engineering school, we work as a team of 3 students for a company. Our goal was to create an industry ready chipless tag reader.
Signal processing / FPGA / C++, C#, WPF

Developper - ESI Malta (April to June 2016)

For my final year of DUT GEII, I decided to go abroad to do my internship. I worked at ESI - Malta during 3 months, with Claudio as my tutor.

My role was to assist the team of engineers/technicians on different ongoing or new projects. I had to adapt to various tasks : home automation, security, networking, paper-work, testing. DUT GEII has well prepared me for the diversity of subjects, and also to project managment.

This internship gave me the opportunity to know the reality of working as a technician (working on computer, onsite operations, communication with team..). It has also confirmed my willing to become an engineer in embedded systems.

Sales clerk - Castorama (July and Agust 2015)

Assure client service, inventory and aisle management.
Advice / Sales / Handling

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