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Victor Meunier

Software engineer

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Who am I ?

23 years old, I freshly graduated from GRENOBLE INP - ESISAR in embedded systems. I did an ERASMUS exchange in Artificial Intelligence master at UPB Romania during the first semester and I am now an intern at Bertin Technologies in Research and development, in Artificial Intelligence.

After obtaining my baccalaureat Economics and Social - specialized in maths, I've decided to reorientate. I started to like technologie and computing... During my two year studies in DUT GEII - Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing - I've also discovered electronic and quickly developped a passion for embedded systems.

Following that, I joined Grenoble INP Esisar to do an engineering degree in eletronics and embedded computing. From september 2018 to february 2019, I went to UPB Romania for an ERASMUS semester in an Artificial Intelligence master degree. From there, I strongly developped a passion for machine learning and computer vision.

Artificial intelligence is an amazing field in which I count on progressing even more. I will for sure try to make use of it jointly with embedded computing and robotics.

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Work experience

R&D intern - Bertin Technologies (Mars to July 2019)

To finish my engineering degree, I'm doing a 6 months internship at Bertin Technologies in the Research and Development department. My goal is to research and implement the state of the art in object detection in the infrared domain. For that, I use pre-trained models, in the visible domain, and try to adapt them for infrared. I make use of transfer learning and optimization techniques (pruning, quantization, etc...) to obtain the best perfomances possible, in order to use the network on embedded devices (FPGA).

Image processing, Computer vision, Machine learning/Deep learning, Python, Tensorflow

Project manager / Developper - MGI Digital (July to mid-September 2018)

After the industrial project made for MGI, I continued to work for them as a remote summer job. My goal was to developp an app running on a Raspberry Pi with a touchscreen. It had be able to finish the processing necessary to decode the tag from what data whas sent by the FPGA. It also had to take pictures from a USB camera and display or sends them to a server. The app gives the client the possibility to change various configuration, especially the FPGA's one. Finally, the decoded tag had to be sent to a server using TCP communication.

Signal processing / C++, Qt, Cross compilation, embedded Linux

Developper - Industrial Projects at Grenoble INP ESIAR (January to July 2018)

During the second semester of the fourth year at my engineering school, we work as a team of 3 students for a company. Our goal was to create an industry ready chipless tag reader.

Signal processing / FPGA / C++, C#, WPF

Developper - ESI Malta (April to June 2016)

For my final year of DUT GEII, I decided to go abroad to do my internship. I worked at ESI - Malta during 3 months, with Claudio as my tutor.

My role was to assist the team of engineers/technicians on different ongoing or new projects. I had to adapt to various tasks : home automation, security, networking, paper-work, testing. DUT GEII has well prepared me for the diversity of subjects, and also to project managment.

This internship gave me the opportunity to know the reality of working as a technician (working on computer, onsite operations, communication with team..). It has also confirmed my willing to become an engineer in embedded systems.

Building automation / Security / Maintenance

Sales clerk - Castorama (July and Agust 2015)

Assure client service, inventory and aisle management.

Advice / Sales / Handling


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